'Chili Peppers 3 opening' by Botanical Art by Diane De Roo

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This is the perfect gift for those hot pepper lovers out there - Thai chili peppers, one of the hottest of them all! I love the way these little peppers seem to dance together across the 3 openings, swaying into each other occasionally. I opened some of the peppers up to highlight their warm, golden seeds.

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Product Details:

This  piece is individually handcrafted from preserved vegetable slices that I create using organic vegetables grown in my home garden. I carefully enhance each vegetable by hand to retain their vibrant colours for years to come. They are mounted on a textured, cream coloured background, double matted, and framed in a simple elegant black frame under glass. They come ready to hang.

As is the nature of botanicals, no two are ever exactly alike and your piece will vary slightly from the one pictured.


Medium:  pressed, preserved organic Thai chili pepper cross-sections


Dimensions:  10 " 18” x 7/8”


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