'Vegetable Hors d'oeuvres Tray' by Botanical Art by Diane

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This unique tray is a perfect gift for anyone who likes to entertain and sure to garner attention at any gathering. The vegetable slices are encased between two pieces of glass. It is a fun way to serve your appetizers or your veggies and dip! It also makes a wonderful cheese tray.

When not in use, it looks amazing  displayed on a stand with a light behind it to illuminate the colours and textures of the vegetables. It comes with care instructions. Please note that the vegetables may differ slightly from the photo, depending on their availability at the time.

Product Details:

Each piece is individually handcrafted from preserved vegetable slices that I create using organic vegetables grown in my home garden. I carefully enhance each vegetable by hand to retain its vibrant colours for years to come. 

As is the nature of botanicals, no two are ever exactly alike and your piece will vary slightly from the one pictured.

Materials: pressed, preserved organic vegetable slices

Dimensions10 " 18” x 7/8”

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